Monday, January 24, 2011

Merry Christmas with "All in the Family"

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So as many of my stampin' club friends know I have been starting to collect the "All in the Family" stamp sets, I've loved them for a LONG time and knew that there was so much I could do with them. What kept me from buying them in the past was that I had no idea how you would build the people, because there was no way to see where you were stamping. Well then I was introduced to the Stamp-a-ma-jig (pg.198 in catalogue) which is amazing. I'd love to know who came up with this idea. Anyway, it allows you to line up your stamps perfectly, so these little people can be built!

I decided this year for my family cards to use "All in the Family" to create holiday family pictures, for our family members. It was fun to create the people and try to create different clothing looks using the few options your given in the set. I'm hoping in the future that they'll bring out a set with more clothes options. For these cards I also used the tree from "Loads of Love" and the present from "Family Accessories". Hope you enjoy a look at my cards and that your inspired to use this set. More posts to come with what this set can do!
This is my little sister Laura and I
a card for my mom and dad...
A card for The Nelson Family... there are seven in the family... so the kids made the cover and Kathy and Jeff were inside!
The Bing's: Jaccob and Sarah and their cat Addy
The Fielden's: Chelsey and Ryan... so sad they have a bird named Petie and I didn't think I had a stamp for that, but it turns out that I did... so bummed not to get to add it on here.
Brittany and her boyfriend Ian and her dog Lucy
The Stewarts: Meaghan, Jason and Baby Alexis with their dog Buddy
My in-laws The Bings: Peter and Laureen
The O'Hearons: Mike, Keah, Finley and Emmy

I LOVED how they turned out!!


  1. Loved how these turned out for the holidays!!! The stamp-a-ma-jig sure makes things so much easier!!! Can't wait to see what other fun projects you do with this set.....

  2. Karen...I am in love with all of those cards!!! I love what you did with the Christmas Trees too! Now I am wishing I knew how to stamp! :) Great job on those!