Thursday, September 30, 2010

Teachers Gift Card Holders.....

Last year I wanted to do something for the kids teachers at school that was relatively inexpensive for me but still something fun for them and something that they would use. I made these super cute gift card holders and slid in a gift card for the movies. They were a huge hit!!

Jacob's Teacher Card

Sarah's Teacher Card

Jessica's Teacher Card

The inside view.....

Baby Card

Welcome to our new card blog!!!! This is somewhere for my sister and I to post all the fun cards that we make.........hopefully I will be able to post instructions with all of the cards we make on here so you will be able to do them too!

This card is one that I made for my twin nieces (I actually did one for each of them) I will have to come back to post all the things that I used. It was one of my first that I've done on my own.